Born in Syracuse, NY; My career as an artist began in 2003. Today I have thousands of artworks that hang in collector's homes across the world. I currently live and work in the quaint countryside of South Carolina.  In 2015, a romantic tragedy offered me a unique opportunity for probing love, my soul, and heart. Influenced by my own journey I turned to photography. Through my lens, I discovered the essence of femininity. The essence of the feminine soul is courageous, adventurous, romantic and nurturing. The absolute core of all beauty. Each flower represents a fragment of a woman's heart, her mind, her soul, her sensuality, her body. Every image draws attention to the various textures, colors, veins, scars- so-called "flaws" that make the flowers alluring in their natural state. Each petal bears their own scars, some curl with beauty, some wilt and fall softly. Held within each petal is a moment she holds in her heart, and some she has let go. During the photography process, I create the perfect fall of light onto the rose as it emerges from the darkness that surrounds it. Each rose is then digitally hand-drawn over forming light from the shadows creating a depth. Each image is created through a professional printer on the highest quality of the Hahnemuhle fine art paper.
Pee Dee Regional 2021
Florence county museum
Waters Gallery

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